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Justices of the Supreme Court

YAMASAKI Toshimitsu

YAMASAKI, Toshimitsu
Date of Birth: August 31, 1949



Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law in 1973


Appointed as a legal apprentice in 1973

Professional Career:

Assistant Judge, Tokyo District Court
Staff Attorney, Administrative Affairs Bureau, General Secretariat, Supreme Court
Staff Attorney, Public Information Division, General Secretariat, Supreme Court
Assistant Judge, Ishigaki Branch and Hirara Branch, Naha District/Family Court
Judicial Research Official, Supreme Court
Director, Recruitment Division and Investigation Division, Personnel Affairs Bureau, General Secretariat, Supreme Court
Judge, Tokyo District Court
Presiding Judge, Tokyo District Court
Director, Secretary Division and Public Information Division, General Secretariat, Supreme Court
Director-General, Personnel Affairs Bureau, General Secretariat, Supreme Court
Vice Secretary-General of Supreme Court
Chief Judge, Chiba District Court
Secretary-General of Supreme Court
President, Nagoya High Court
President, Tokyo High Court
April 1, 2014 Justice of the Supreme Court

A Few Words from Justice Yamasaki

I have been a member of the judiciary for about 39 years since I was appointed as an assistant judge in 1975. As a judge, I have carefully heard the arguments made by both parties and have been inclined to make rational and reasonable judgments after deliberation from a position of impartiality and fairness. This sincere attitude will remain my policy as a Supreme Court Justice. As the court of last resort, the Supreme Court bears the weighty responsibility not only of reviewing the constitutionality of laws and regulations but also of adjudicating important legal issues to clarify and demonstrate the rules of society. I will strive to remain attentive to events in society as a whole and to examine issues from as broad and diverse perspective as possible.

One of my favorite phrases is, "Don't forget the resolution with which you started out." I am determined to handle each and every assigned case faithfully, without easily relying on my experience, by excluding self-conceit, and with the resolution I embraced when I first became a judge.

As I often spend my holidays reading books and listening to music, these can be said to be my hobbies. I find listening to beautiful music to be a relaxing way to mentally recharge. As for reading, my most favorite book is Gin no Saji (The Silver Spoon) by Kansuke Naka. I first enjoyed reading this work in my Japanese language class in junior high school, and I periodically re-read it as I remain captivated by its pure beauty. Another hobby of mine is “walking around the history,” which is taking walks to visit historical places. I started this activity while served in Nagoya. I hope to be able to make as much time as possible to stroll around Tokyo for health and enjoyment.