Justices of the Supreme Court

MIURA, Mamoru
Date of Birth: October 23, 1956

image:MIURA Mamoru



Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law in 1980


Appointed as a legal apprentice in 1980

Professional Career:

Appointed as a Public Prosecutor, and then, assigned to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Utsunomiya District Public Prosecutors Office, Fukuoka District Public Prosecutors Office, Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office, Ueda Branch of Nagano District Public Prosecutors Office, Criminal Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Justice, etc
Counselor, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice
Counselor, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Justice
Director of the Legislative Affairs Division, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice
Assistant Vice-Minister of Justice
Public Prosecutor, Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
Chief Prosecutor, Naha District Public Prosecutors Office
Public Prosecutor, Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
Director-General of the Correction Bureau, Ministry of Justice
Director-General, Inspection and Guidance Department, Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
Director-General, Trial Department, Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
Superintending Prosecutor, Sapporo High Public Prosecutors Office
Superintending Prosecutor, Osaka High Public Prosecutors Office
February 26, 2018 Justice of the Supreme Court

Motto, hobbies, etc.

Things to Keep in Mind as a Justice

In order to serve the judicial purpose of facilitating proper and appropriate settlement of disputes from a fair and impartial standpoint, I will devote all of my heart and soul to fulfil my role as a Justice of the Supreme Court. In light of the recent rapid changes in society, where rights and interests are becoming increasingly complicated and values are diversifying, it is important for court judges to broaden their perspective to be able to achieve due and adequate trials and decisions. With this view in mind, I will continue working to improve my professional capabilities. To carry out my responsibilities properly, I try to consistently maintain a humble attitude toward each individual case, listening carefully to both parties and thinking deeply according to my conscience.

Personal interests

I have been assigned to work in many regions throughout Japan, which stretches from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu and Okinawa in the south. I enjoyed living in each location and becoming familiar with the regional history, culture and nature; mixing with the local people; listening to their talks; and practicing their lifestyle and customs. As such, each relocation has provided me with a valuable opportunity to deepen my outlook on life and enrich my personal quality. Going forward, I will cultivate different, new interests, sharpening my sensitivity for a finer taste of life.